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Medical system

For life technology applications, It is very important for connector medical systems that must have  rugged and reliable features as to stand the challenges of high-temperature, high-humidity, sterile environments and also can protect against breakdown with consistent performance.

Finecables' PUSH-PULL series of connectors and harness solutions have proven themselves many times in this industry under the most strict and harshest  requirements.

Finecables offers a wide range of plastic medical connectors under .The plastic material used (PSU, PEI and other PSU based material) are FDA approved in their respective natural colors.

Analyzers, Processing Equipment, pulse oximetry, fetus-voice meter, breathing humidifier use PUSH-PULL B/K/S series.

Dental Equipment adopts PUSH-PULL B/K/P series.

Disposable Devices (sensors, catheters)usePUSH-PULL P series.

Electro surgical Devices, Mixed signal input, need good RFI/EMI shield performance, and these use PUSH-PULL B /K/S series.

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